How to Be the Perfect Mom

I remember one of the dolls I absolutely loved that my aunt sewed for me. She wasn’t expensive, and probably wasn’t the cutest I’d seen, but I loved her for many years. I also really liked the life-sized doll at my grandma’s house that I was never allowed to bring home; and a Cher Barbie I got for Christmas one year. Mandy was my favorite (similar to American Girl dolls our girls now play with now) and she wasn’t a baby doll - she was more of a girl. Like most girls, playing with dolls was the … [Read more...]

Savers Thrift Store Finds

I love a good deal and I love a good up-cycle even better. On today's segment for Twin Cities Live I shared some great finds from my loca Savers Thrift Store. Check out these 3 great pieces I found for under $60.00. I love the feeling of finding a lonely little piece of furniture and being able to brighten it's day with a fresh coat of paint! I especially love the General Finishes Milk Paint color I nominated and named in a contest: Emerald. Love you more than thifting! Sunday   … [Read more...]

Barn Wood Wall {Happy Dance}

One day at my mother-in-loves farm, I spotted something: barn wood. In fact it was a big pile of barn wood - chippy white paint - DIY GOLD! She was gracious enough to let me clean up her yard have the wood.  My nice hubby loaded the dirty wood up and brought it home. This process was a few days (maybe weeks) coming. The first thing we had to do was figure out how I wanted it on the wall. Jeff measured the wall and then drew out the dimensions with chalk on the driveway. Similar to putting a … [Read more...]

Painting Kitchen Cabinets is Easy Peasy!

Did you know painting your kitchen cabinets is much easier than you might think!  The key, in my opinion, is in the paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the BOMB when it comes to refinishing your cabinets. Having cabinets re-finished or enameled could cost you up to $5,000 and take a couple of weeks to finish. Using ASCP - brings the cost down significantly and goes much faster. Check out the segment on Twin Cities Live where we demonstrated how to paint your own cabinets: If I can do this, I … [Read more...]

Do You Have Unanswered Prayers?

We all have times we feel our prayers aren't being answered; I've been there.  It's in those times we have to learn to trust Him. Could it be possible the prayers we thought went unheard were actually answered (we just didn't realize it)? Could it be God is to good He doesn't give us everything we think we want or need? If you've struggled with unanswered prayers, I pray this message will be encouraging to you. Don't give up, don't lose faith, be strong and trust in Him.  God In My Box - … [Read more...]

Cute DIY Picture Frames

Good morning! I was browsing Pinterest (hope over and follow) one day and spotted these adorable DIY Frames from Shanty 2 Chic.  They were so cute, I had to give it a try! Here's a step-by-step on how I made mine:   #1 Buy Wood:  Start with a wood board; I bought mine at Menards for $6.99 and had my hubby cut it into 3 equal pieces. #2 Stain Boards: I did this because I wanted a rich look and also wanted to be able to distress the frames a little bit so I needed the dark look … [Read more...]

How to Fix a Missing Piece on an Old Dresser! {ASCP}

A friend of mine, Cynthia (Sam), drug this awesome dresser back from her mother-in-laws just for me! Wasn't that sweet? I was so excited I could hardly wait to get my hands on it. It is a beautiful piece except for one thing; someone had cut a piece out of the side of the top of it.  Today I'm going to share how I was able to fix it. You can use these same steps to fix a missing piece out of any old furniture. STEP #1: Find a piece of wood similar in shape to the missing spot. Of course, I … [Read more...]

Beautiful Secretary {An ASCP Transformation}

Hello everyone, especially new visitors! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. Today I'll be sharing one of my recent furniture transformations. (For more transformations click HERE) As you know, I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. For many reasons, one being it dries fast. Being I'm a super impatient person, this makes me soooo happy.  I have this weird corner in my great room, its really a 'nothing' space' but seems sparse if I don't fill it. I started with a corner shelf, but I … [Read more...]

Hide Your Remote Controls!

One thing that drives me nuts are the remote controls all over the living room! We have one for the fireplace, the blu-ray, the TV and the VCR we don't use anymore. When I found this old bread box at Goodwill the other day, I knew I had a solution. It was marked $6.99 but was green tag day so I only paid $3.49 - even better! Since I'm looking for excuses to use my General Finishes Emerald Milk Paint,  the box was a perfect target. It started like this. After 2 coats of Emerald - the color I … [Read more...]

Cute Idea for Your Christmas Cards!

At the end of every holiday season, I look at my Christmas cards and wonder what in the world to do with them. Not any more! I met a new friend at Twin Cities Live the other day, Alexis Thompson from My Talk 107.1.  She is the sweetest and had the BEST IDEA EVER for all your Christmas cards. Check it out here from the Twin Cities Live segment: I loved the Christmas card idea so much I went home and did it that night. It was so easy and really is a spectacular way to keep your cards over … [Read more...]

Last Minute NYE Ideas!

I was up bright and early with Bryan Piatt sharing some EASY last minute New Years Eve decor ideas! Skip the drinks and start at 3:35 for the segment: Everything I used I either already had or bought in the Christmas clearance section at Walmart - yesterday.   You really can pull something cute together fast! One of the simple projects I shared was glitter dipped glasses. The finished results: To pull my table together I grabbed all the gold and silver Christmas decor I had. … [Read more...]