DIY Kitchen Island Upgrade {Wallpaper & Paint}

Happy Monday! Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up with an idea and you just HAVE to do it that day? This happens to me quite frequently. I’ve been dreaming of painting and wallpapering my humongous kitchen island for a while now. Our local Lowe’s closed (BOO) and I bought the paper on clearance knowing I would get to this someday.  Someday was Saturday!

My inspiration came from 2 places:

The bead-board wallpaper – my sweet friend Kristin who wallpapered her island

The bold color – Jen over at Tatertots & JelloAqua and White Kitchen Reveal

{Before Kitchen Island}

(okay, I know it’s not technically a ‘before’ picture, but it’s close)

After cleaning the entire island, I removed the corner and middle pieces of molding.

My husband would freak if he saw how i pried them off – oops. 

 Second, I got my wallpaper ready; I used this Paintable Bead-Board Wallpaper .

Measure, cut, soak and paste.

Wallpaper finished!

Now onto the paint. I had a difficult time choosing what color to go with. My friend, who’s a designer, came over to lend a hand and before you know it we had rearranged the kitchen (added furniture – subtracted furniture). In the process we added a slate blue color to the red-black-yellow-green mix.

This piece was the one that started it all..{LOVE}

I’m on  a budget so I went with Glidden Young Cadet Blue in Satin – $15.97 @ Walmart.

Here’s how it looked after the 1st coat; it ended up taking 3 coats.

{After Kitchen Island}

I really love the black stools against the blue!

I LOVE how the blue turned out; it looks fabulous with all the other bright colors going on.

Love you more than a fun new kitchen look!


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  1. This comment is from me (AND CHRIS) – it looks fantastic!! Love it!!

  2. Wow! The beadboard wall paper looks great. Wonderful color choice, too.

  3. That is so pretty – I love the new color! Thanks for linking up.

  4. Love it! XO, Aimee

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