DIY Stocking Hangers {A Tutorial}

I haven’t changed my Christmas theme or colors in many years so this was the year!  I made the move to aqua, lime green, white and silvers and I love it! As I work through my bins and get things decorated I continue to discover more things I need to ‘update’. Stocking hangers were one of them. I checked a few places and quickly discovered they cost way more than I want to pay.I found these beautiful bird holders at JoAnne Fabrics at a whopping $29,99 each; multiplied by 4 and we’re talking $120.oo – OUCH.

I decided I needed to make my own.

 I started with plain stocking hangers I found at Walmart for $5.98 a 2 pack.

Step #1: Prime them using Kilz Spray Primer.

Next, I needed something for the top of the hangers. I found these cute birds at Goodwill for $2.99 each, however I didn’t love the colors.

Step #2: Prime the birds with the same primer.

Step #3: Using E6000, glue the birds to the stocking hangers.

Step #4: Spray paint with Rust-Oleum Blossom White spray paint.


Step #5: Immediately after spraying  cover them in glitter.

{DIY Stocking Hangers}

Total cost for 4 stocking hangers: $24.00 

Love you more than saving almost $100!


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  1. Awesome idea! I know….I can’t believe how expensive they are…doesn’t make sense. You could do any theme you wanted like this…I love it! :)

  2. Love it! Very clever and budget friendly.Found your site at the Happy Hour link up.

  3. Those are darling, Sunday! I love how you can take something cute but rather dated or to colorful, add some spray paint and you have a hip, in-style item! Well done! And saving more than 100 is way cool too!

  4. Those turned out beautiful. Spray paint is my best friend.LOL Have a great week.

    • Oh my word Marisa- spray paint is my best friend too!! I’m so happy I could make something WAY WAY WAY cheaper that I actually like :) Thanks for visiting! XO


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