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My favorite thrift store finds are accessories; thrift stores are accessory graveyards!  Every time I need to fill a little spot with that perfect piece I hit up my local Goodwill for some treasure hunting. I almost always find something. I’m slowly but surely working on my ‘someday soon’ office. I’ve got a big box of things I’ve started collecting and thought I’d share just a couple of my finds.

{Book Ends}

I found this pair of ceramic bookends at Goodwill.  It was 50% off Blue Tag Day – so I snatched these both up for $1.99!

I knew I could fix these up in a jiffy. The first thing I did was to spray them with Kilz Primer and second with Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray Paint in white.

Third, here comes the magic, I glazed them. Don’t be afraid – glazing is SUPER easy!

Simply mix 4 parts glaze to one part paint (any color).  Cover your piece using a foam brush (a chip brush or a rag works too) and then wipe the access glaze off with a damp rag. The great thing about glaze is it’s easy to manipulate – you can make it as heavy or light as you want by how much or how little you wipe it off. If you mess it up (which is actually hard to do), wipe it all off and start over.

I love how it turned out! I’ll show you how they look together with actual books once I get my office done.

{Wall Sconces}

I found this super cute pair of wall sconces; ok I’ll admit they’re not cute – yet. But, they were only $3.99 for the pair (again 50% color tag day).

First, I pulled out my trusty Kilz Spray Primer and gave it a quick coat.

Second, I used one of my favorite Rust-Oleum Spray Paint colors, Apple Red.

LOVE the red! Here’s a side by side, I can’ t wait to hang them in my office!

Speaking of my office and a great find, check out the desk I just scored on Craigslist:

I got her for only $15 – SCORE! I’ll fix her up a bit and she’ll be perfect.

Love you more than looking forward to a cute office,


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