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{Kitchen Cupboard Conversion Chart}

Being I’m on a forced vacation, I’m going to take the time to feature some past projects. I’ve been doing projects for a couple of years and since I just started my blog in January, I have plenty of ‘back’ projects to show you. One of my of favorites is my Kitchen Cupboard Door Conversion Chart.

I saw this idea on Beckie’s blog, Infarrantly Creative, over a year ago. I thought it was so great – I did it THAT day!

Here’s the outside of the door; my saving grace is this little project is on the inside so I didn’t have to worry about the permanent change I was  making..whew.

{Before Kitchen Cupboard Door}

The fist step was to take the door off the hinges and tape off an area to paint.

Second, I used a foam roller to roll out black paint. You could also use Chalkboard Paint. It took 3 coats to get good coverage. I forgot to take a couple of pictures along the way –oops!

I measured off the chart and used a white Elmers Paint Marker to make my chart.

I used large-sized paint sticks to make spots to hang my measuring cups and spoons. My nice hubby cut the end of the  stick off and I spray painted them with Rust-Oleum Apple Red (I used 2 sticks).

Then he screwed small brass cup hooks in for me hang the cups and spoons.

Just for fun I wrote this on top. ..

Last I added a polka-dot ribbon around the edges to finish it off.

{After Kitchen Cupboard Conversion Chart}

I have to say I love how it turned out, but I still forget about and it the noise scares me every time I open the door – LOL!

Love you more than an organized kitchen, 


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  1. What a brilliant idea – using the painter’s pens. It turned out wonderful. I am used to the noise now but it freaks my guests out every time. I love it!

  2. Very cute and so useful too!

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