{EASY} Christmas Apothecary Jars

Christmas Apothecary Jars

One of the easiest ways to decorate for Christmas to use the jars you already have. Large jars can make a big splash on any table, buffet or hutch.  As you know if you've followed for long, my favorite kind of shopping is the kind I do in my own home.  Even as my color scheme has changed, the use of jars has not. {Use fake snow, pine-cones and Christmas bulbs} These sit by my entryway door. These sit on my hutch cabinet. And on my dining room table. Decorating with apothecary jars … [Read more...]

How to Create Gorgeous Garland {A Tutorial}

How to Create Gogeous Garland

Garland is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I've graduated from simple greens to adding beautiful layers. Even though it can look intimidating to put together 'magazine quality' garland; it's really easy. #1: Start with the Basics  Use greens with or without lights. I prefer the wire branches so that I can move them anyway I want. Use the wire branches to your advantage by wrapping  around to hold lights, picks or plugs in place.  If you are using garland without lights, the lights … [Read more...]

Cute {Walmart} Ornament Make-Over

Walmart Ornament Makeover

I love a good DIY project. The great thing is you don't always have to start from scratch. Often times I like the look of something but,  just want to 'make it my own'. This is a quick and usually inexpensive way to customize your Christmas tree ornaments.  Last week I shared my Dollar Tree ornament makeover. In case you missed it you can see it HERE: I updated the flowers for my Winter Ice Christmas Tree. My second tree is a Minnesota Vikings tree. I needed to find an inexpensive way to add … [Read more...]

How to Decorate a Tree for Your Favorite Team {MN Vikings}

How to Decorate A Sports Team Christmas Tree

I'm so excited to say we have a WINNER from the Giveaway! Deb Malner Franke will be receiving a $25HomeGoods gift card. Thank you so much for all of you who voted for us in the Annie Sloan Snap & Share Contest. We didn't win, but it was fun trying! On to the tree! I have 3 boys which in my house means: lots and lots of sports. A couple of years ago I decided to 'embrace' what the men in my house like and decorate a tree for our team - the Minnesota Vikings. SKOL! After giving it some … [Read more...]

Winter Ice Christmas Tree

Winter Ice Tree

I finally finished my tree, it took me over a week. I'm still working on getting my energy level back to some what normal, so thing quick is happening around there. Last year I DIY flocked my own tree. It was OK but, not like the real thing. I was elated when I found a flocked tree on Craigslist for $50. CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING TIPS: 1. Use lots of lights and put them on the right way. Chelsea at two twenty one, did great tutorial. 2. Choose a theme. In my opinion, trees decorated around … [Read more...]

Dollar Tree Ornament Makeover!

How to Update a Dollar Tree Ornament

Today I want to share a super simple Dollar Tree ornament makeover. When I first spotted these clip-on flower ornaments I knew I needed them! When I'm looking at the Dollar Tree or anywhere else for that matter, I always try to look beyond it's current state. Do I like it enough to make it work for me? Many times the answer is YES. As was the case with these little babies: I loved them, but they are GOLD and I need SILVER - no problem. Glitter and Mod Podge to the rescue! Using a small … [Read more...]

Mr. Nutcracker Centerpiece {Easy}

Nutcracker Centerpiece - A Sunday Afternoon

I'm never satisfied with just one centerpiece, especially over the holidays. A few days ago I shared my barnwood holiday centerpiece. If you missed it go HERE.      If you know me at all you know the first place I 'shop' is my own house when I decorate. I love the decor items I have but, I don't like seeing them in the exact same place every year. HOLIDAY DECORATING TIP: Pull out all your decor items in one spot so you know what you have. Start with the most important pieces you … [Read more...]

Word for Your Wednesday {Tradition}

Cutting down the tree

Please, please take a moment to vote for us in the Annie Sloan Snap & Share contest. Simply click the picture to be taken to the page and choose VOTE. One of the things I love most about the holidays are the traditions. I want my children to grow up remembering them and the family memories created over the years. Our official traditions start on Thanksgiving. The day after we go cut down our Christmas tree with cousins and then hit a family movie. We have so much fun and they all love … [Read more...]

A Very Merry Christmas Favor

Sunday & Jerra

Hello all! I'd like to ask you for a quick Christmas favor. Would you be so kind as to vote for my painting buddy and I? We've entered the Annie Sloan Snap & Share Contest. The picture with the most votes wins $1,500 in ASCP products, which we will share! We can get a lot of painting done and sold with these products! Here's the picture to vote for:  To vote go here: VOTE FOR SUNDAY & JERRA You can vote once a day, if you could we'd really appreciate it! If you know me you know I … [Read more...]

Easy Holiday Centerpiece {Reindeer & Trees}

Holiday Centerpiece - A Sunday Afternoon.com

Barnwood is a good thing; especially when you get it free from your mother-in-love. My sweet hubby built a window-box out of it for me and I've used it in four different projects so far.  I thought I'd go for #5 by using it for the holidays. (To see the fall version go HERE).  I love to decorate by mixing rustic pieces with a little glam. I bought these trees at a garage sale this summer and knew I'd find the perfect spot for them.  They fill the window-box perfectly and add height to the … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Centerpiece {Use What You Have}

Fall Centerpiece

I'm back!!! I got home from my missions trip to Uganda late Tuesday and I'm still on Africa time. I want to sleep, yet I can't, and I just wander aimlessly around the house getting absolutely nothing done. I'm home and in full on holiday mode. Thursday morning I was bright and early at KARE 11 to share an easy fall centerpiece idea. (I think I might be a little nuts!) In case you missed it here's the segment: This is how my centerpiece looked before I went on KARE 11. It was sitting in my … [Read more...]