Thursday’s Thoughts {It’s a Good Day!}

Today is a good day for a few different reasons!

{Reason #1 – My dresser has been featured!} 

My French Country Dresser is being featured at a great blog – The Power of Paint.

{Reason #2- I’m in Mexico}

I have a secret to share with you: I’m a part-time missionary. Yes, I’m a wife, a mom, a youth pastor and a blogger, but in my spare time I’m a missionary at heart. 
This week I’m in Mexico with one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, LeeAnne Risk. This post would be 10 pages long if I had the chance to tell you her story. But, think back to yesterday’s post: IMPOSSIBLE. This word sum’s up LeeAnne. The enemy has tried to kill her many times, but she is like the Energizer bunny and just keeps going! She raised her family on the mission field here in Zacatecas Mexico, went to the states for a few years and came back to walk out her ministry. She works with over 120 Bible schools in Latin America and Africa and runs an orphanage here in Zac. 
Check out her ministry Hearing Heart Missions.
If you have a heart for the Lord and especially for orphans this is the perfect place to put your money where your mouth is – he he. 
This is me and LeeAnne – she makes my heart smile! I have the privilege of preaching and teaching every night this week, God is so good!
Psalm 118:24-24 (MSG)
“Thank you for responding to me;
you’ve truly become my salvation!
The stone the masons discarded as flawed
is now the capstone!
This is God’s work.
We rub our eyes—we can hardly believe it!
This is the very day God acted—
let’s celebrate and be festive!
Salvation now, God. Salvation now!
Oh yes, God—a free and full life!
What things are making this a good day for you!
I pray you have a reason to have a great day, too!
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PS. My spacing decided not to work today, so I apologize everything is so squishy today – ugh!

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