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An IV can be administered for several reasons: to give fluids, nutrients, or medication, to name a few.  To take something intravenously, is to have it administered into the vein. This method of receiving something your body needs is powerful because it’s quick and goes directly into the blood stream.

The IV has become my new friend. I’ve had IV’s before, during labor for extra fluids and to receive medication for same day surgeries: not too bad. Now that I’ve started chemo, I’ll be spending a lot of time with my IV. To make it easier, a port was surgically implanted under my skin. The nurses can access the port with the IV instead of having to use my hand every time they draw blood or give meds; which is fab.

For my first 4 rounds of chemo I’ll be taking Adriamycin. I’ve been told it’s the strongest of the med’s with most side-affects and is hardest on the body; it’s also the one that causes most women to lose their hair.

Praise the Lord for the Cold Cap Therapy, I have lost very little hair.

The nurses call Adriamycin: The Red Devil.

I’m officially intravenously getting ‘the red devil’  The fun part is I get to have popsicles during the treatments so I don’t get sores in my mouth – YUM.

Even though this medication can have negative side effects; its doing it’s job. It’s killing cancer cells – PERIOD.

When I think about something intravenously going into by blood stream, I can’t help but think of what Jesus did for me on the cross.  Jesus’ blood was shed and spiritually speaking has become an IV of His love right into my life.

Jesus blood kills the cells that shouldn’t be in our bodies. It eliminates sickness, disease, depression, envy, anger and pride. Yet, while His IV is destroying what needs to be destroyed, He also injects the good stuff. His IV gives us, compassion, joy, peace, hope and love.

The intravenous red devil I’m taking destroys cells – good and bad. The intravenous blood of Jesus I’m accepting doesn’t work that way. His IV gets rid of the bad cells while at the same time adding  good ones! As I sit in my chair with my IV I’ve decided to picture that ‘red devil’ like the blood of Jesus. Each treatment, He’s destroying cancer cells and all the while filling me with His love; now that is my kind of IV! I want to encourage you to picture a Jesus IV coming into your life; getting rid of the bad and bringing in the good!

I have to share my great news from last week! My first chemo treatment was like HE …double toothpicks. It was awful and I was sick for about a week afterwards. Going into round #2 I was believing for a much better experience; specifically for no nausea, anxiety or dizziness. I’m so excited to tell you I had none of these systems; God is so good!

Here is a comparison picture from the 1st treatment to the 2nd:

I know the rounds to come will continue to have me looking like #2!

Happy 4th and God bless all the wonderful men and women who have sacrificed so much for us all!



  1. Beth Smith says:

    Sunday, you are my hero! I love your stand against the enemy of your soul and I know you are the winner (in every area of life – just had to say it!!!) Love you and continue to pray for you and your family.

  2. I was there, all true Jesus got her through!
    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Love that!

  3. You are so incredibly brave! I really admire how you are sharing your journey with such honesty and integrity. I am so happy to hear that round 2 was better. You are in my prayers. Hang in there!

    • Thank you Missi :) It makes me feel better to share what’s going on with all my friends, the ones I know and the ones I’m just meeting online :) Bless you!

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